Intro – Express Photoshop Course for beginners (3:30 hours)

In this quick course you will learn only the most basics concepts of how Photoshop works.
This course is aimed towards the very beginners who want to start their journey into the design world in a quick way without any hassle.

=====What you will learn in this course
This course explains the basic concepts with quick step-by-step videos: learning the interface, knowing the tools, working with layers, adjustments, filters…etc.

In this course you will not learn any specific editing technique, instead you will learn how to use the software itself.

This course is for the absolute beginners, no previous knowledge is required
You must have Photoshop CC installed on your computer (any CC version will do). Photoshop CS6 can be used as well with some limitations
No graphic tablet is required
You can use Windows or MAC