Long Exposure Milky Way Editing Tutorial

In this tutorial we are going to edit two raw photos of night Photography.
I will show you how to edit two long exposure photos in Lightroom/Camera RAW and Photoshop and get a nice image.

The final image is created from two images: one of them exposed for the stars and the milky way and the second one exposing for the road and the car headlights.

Gear used:
– Nikon D7100
– Tokina 11-16mm
– Cullman Tripod
– Phottix Aion Wireless shutter release

Milky Way Photo Editing – Night Photography tutorial

In this Photo editing tutorial I will show you how I edited a night shot of the Milky Way in Photoshop and Lightroom.

I will give you the RAW images straight from the camera so you can work with them and make your own edits.
For milky way photography and star photography in general I use the following settings on my camera:

– ISO: 800 or higher
– Aperture: as opened as possible f2.8 or wider
– Exposure time: 30 seconds ore more if I want to make star trails

If you want to take night time-lapse photography you need a remote trigger. Check out my setup and settings.

High end camera handle noise a lot better when using high ISO settings so the ISO depends on the camera that you have and also your own preferences.
Increasing the exposure more than 30 seconds will create movement on the stars which is not desirable so if you want a brighter foto increase the ISO or widen the aperture if you can.

The first thing you need is a good photo to start with so make sure you take multiple shots with different settings. Don’t trust what you see on the camera LCD screen, take a look at the histogram.

Also try different angles and shoot both horizontal and vertical. You will be surprised to see how much different is to see the milky way on vertical than in horizontal.

How I made the 4K Night Timelapse & Star Trailing

In this video I’m showing how I edited the photo sequence and explain how I took the photos I used for my timelapse and what I did wrong.
Timelapse here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Y1TYbC-dl4