Soft Photo Effect Photoshop Tutorial

If you’re a photographer, you like photography or you simply want to edit your photos in a way that nobody does, you will definitely need to know how adjustment layers work and what each blend mode (or at least the most commonly used ones) can do for you.
In this Photoshop video tutorial I will show you how to use a few of the adjustment layers that come with Photoshop and how I used them along with blend modes to get a popular soft looking effect on your Photos.

Photoshop Studio Portrait Editing [FREE]

In this retouching tutorial I will show you how I changed a dark gray background with something more colorful. We will clean the face of the model reconstructing the teeth using the Clone Stamp Tool and the face using the powerful but simple technique of frequency separation.

We’ll also make color and light adjustments for a more impactful effect and will smoothen the skin of the model for a more surreal look.

Skin retouching using frequency separation
Teeth reconstruction using clone stamp
Background changing using blend modes and simple masking
Skin smoothening
Eyes color changing with natural look
Color adjustments using adjustment layers

Photoshop effects for Photographers

In this video tutorial I will show you how to create great photoshop effects using a few adjustment layers. We will use Camera RAW to make a basic edit of our photo and then we will create a soft looking effect using selective adjustments and blend modes.