Ambient Light and Beams of light in Photoshop CC

Creating this kind light beams is very easy and they can really enhance your images.
They create depth and a better ambient light. Combine it with some basic color grading and you can create a fascinating look.

Create a Fantasy Manipulation with Light Effects in Photoshop

In this advanced manipulation tutorial I will show you how I created a lady floating in the air in the middle of a forest. We will create beautiful light effects and realistic depth of field.

This is a detailed tutorial that covers many topics:
– Turn day into night in Photoshop
– Complex masking made easy with Calculations
– Creating depth maps (for realistic depth of field)
– Easy hair painting using custom brush
– Create a hair brush
– Create realistic light glows
– Light effects using the brush tool
– Working with particle stock and creating your own

Skip to:
Intro: 0:00
– Create the light effects: 30:38
– Create the depth map: 57:21
– Add the floating woman: 1:08:01

This tutorial can be followed in Photoshop CS6, CC, CS5, CS4 or CS3

Realistic Flare Effects Plugin with Manniphotography

In this video Manni will show you a great plugin that will help you creat amazing light effects on your photos. It’s a nice plugin espacially for photographers but also for any photoshop user that needs realistic flares and light effects on their artworks.

Visit Manni’s channel:

Burning Wishes – Abstract Tutorial

In this video tutorial you will see the steps I took to create the Burning Whishes abstract artwork. All stock images used are free for download.
This tutorial is for intermediate-high skill Photoshop users so please do not ask for silly things.There is a text tutorial available as well. If you cannot do this, it means you don’t have the basic skills needed. Make sure you see my “Photoshop for beginners series” on my channel or my website.
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