Dark Conceptual Artwork Tutorial in Photoshop

In this manipulation tutorial I’ll show you how to create a really dark and conceptual scene. We’ll create a nice concept composition and then well create some really nice effects to give it a spooky effect.

More info:
Links to stock images:
Franchise font: http://www.dafont.com/franchise.font
Hard light effect: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdaqW2yFDj8
Selective color tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqSaydpUrgU

Hard Light Effects in Photoshop –

This is the first live tutorial I recorded so I had no idea what I will end up with. Basically I wanted to show how to get a high contrast hard light effect in Photoshop, almost HDR looking. I wanted to keep things realistic so I used the contrast masking technique to keep the original shadows of the model.

Resources FREE DOWNLOAD: https://downloads.psdbox.com/hard-light-effects-in-photoshop/
This tutorial can be followed in Adobe Elements as well.
0:00 Intro
0:51 Making the background
3:17 Background adjustments
7:49 Adding the model
8:54 Shadow masking in Photoshop
13:07 The hard light effect using dodge & burn
20:50 Hard light effect effacement with filters
23:49 The Shadows/Highlights filter for HDR effect
25:56 Sharpening

Model stock image by Marcus Ranum: http://mjranum-stock.deviantart.com/
Background image by Julia Starr: http://night-fate-stock.deviantart.com/
Sky stock image by Pelleron Stock: http://pelleron-stock.deviantart.com/