Soft Light Fantasy Photo Effects

A large number of my followers have requested this kind of effect so in this tutorial I will show you how I would create a fantasy looking effect in Photoshop.

What you should to learn from this tutorial is how can adjustment layers can be used to create subtle contrast and color changes to get that soft looking effect. Having a basic understanding of the blend modes will also help you achieve the effect a lot faster.

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Photo 1:
Photo 2:

Vampire Effect – Advanced Photoshop Tutorial

PSD File and resources free download: In this video I will show you some of the techniques I used to make vampire teeth in Photoshop, how to make evil eyes and how to use bloody stock images.

Mixer brush tutorials:

Realistic blood tutorial:

Simple Animal Morphing Tutorial

Merging parts of different animals and come up with something weird is quite funny. In this tutorial I will show you how you can merge a horse and an ostrich and come up with something I would call a Horsrich.

Post-Apocalyptic Tutorial

In this manipulation tutorial I’ll show you how you can use a few stock images to create a post-apocalyptic scene in Photoshop using manipulation techniques to change the lighting of a scene. I’ll also show you a nice tip for masking one pixel edges using the Contract Selection command.

Awesome Medieval Text Effect in Photoshop

Stock & PSD free download:
In this tutorial I will show you how to make a really cool medieval layer style effect so you can use on your presentations, to write your name in cool letters, etc.

Quick Tutorial – Realistic Depth of Field in Photoshop

Let’s face it, the Gaussian Blur filter does not deliver really realistic results. In this quick tutorial I will show you how to use the Quick Mask mode to create gradual selections and create a more realistic depth of field in Photoshop using the much more accurate Lens Blur Filter.

Your Last Kiss – Emotional Manipulation Tutorial

The main techniques used here are the same as on my other tutorials but I will also show you how to create realistic depth of field in Photoshop, how to create a shatter effect using brushes and how I got that cinematic effect on the final result.

Make an Amazing Portrait Effect in Photoshop

Stock images PSD and video Free download:

Portrait by Rick Berk:
Eyes shape:
Nebula 1:
Nebula 2:
0:00 Intro
1:00 Create the canvas
1:35 Create the background texture
3:06 Add the model
3:18 Model masking
4:38 Model adjustments
6:00 Paint splatter brushing
8:21Painting abstract lines
14:55 Adding colors on the hair
18:31 Eyes abstract shapes
21:22 Floral brushes
24:20 Painting glows of light
26:12 Final adjustments